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I mike it an ‘abit not to get involved wit’ another  man’s lie-dy.  ‘Owever, I fell ‘ard for ‘er.  There’s no doubt that she was a wonder woman.  Unfortunately, I spied ‘er man.

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Wordle: operation scare 01

Here we go again.  My conspiracy theory tendencies had taken a back seat for quite some time.  By that I mean that I haven’t been seen on any street corners, perched upon a soapbox and warning the people of what awaits us at the next turn.  OK – not lately, anyway.  Make no mistake – I may be quiet, but the wheels are always turning.  No matter how I try to supress the urge to educate the people, it always seems to creep up on me and attack at the least expected moment.

I was listening-but-not-listening to the news just a few moments ago and I heard a story about AMTRAK and Homeland Security launching Operation Railsafe. It is touted as a plan to secure the rail corridors . . . complete with random security checks of customers and their baggage.  It started a few days ago with the announcement that it is not entirely safe for Americans to travel abroad at the moment.  The powers that be claim that terrorists have targeted certain high profile tourist attractions (particularly those that attract Americans) and said that although this is not a call for a halt to travel abroad, it is advised that extreme care be taken.

This is typical of a right winged, hawkish entity pushing their never-ending agenda to have the government take control of our lives.  I’m not outraged – it’s what they do.  What bothers me is that they pass laws such as The Patriot Act and initiate agencies such as Homeland Security, with the public saying “Bring it on.  We need more security”.  The public becomes a willing pawn by being scared to death.  To further kick up my dander, the reporters stopped passersby at the train stations and asked how they felt.  Of those they showed, their answers all had the same pathetic feel:  “It makes me feel so much safer”. Wake up, people.

There is always a cry for increased security and it is always proceeded by some catastrophic event (or threat of the same): suspected terrorists arrested or explosives found in a foreigner’s home  (yes – by “foreigner”, I mean of Arab decent).   There’s even a new one in Washington, D.C. And I am saddened to say that these “tricks” works every time.  Citizens blindly give up their basic civil rights for what is perceived to be better protection from evil, when in reality, they are simply relinquishing their freedoms.

In an election year when right-wing politicians are desperately trying to unseat  their foes or fill seats that have been vacated, it is important that we look a bit closer at the things that candidates are saying rather than cower in fear that we will be destroyed if we do not relinquish our rights.  Our rights are much more important than some “perceived” threats that are thrown our way.  While it is important to maintain some level of safety and security in our nation, it is also important to remember what the forefathers of this nation fought for to begin with.

Wake up, people.  Please.


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Wordle: the sienna nightmares


Wordle: young white suburbanite


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Wordle: father and daughter


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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.


vic-to-ry (n)  1.  the process of defeating an enemy in battle
or war or an opponent in a contest.

pride (n)  1.  a feeling of elation or satisfaction at
achievements, qualities, or possessions, etc., that do one credit.

land-slide (n)  1.  an overwhelming majority for one side in an

Hey, folks.  I’m still around. It seems that my “non-cyber” life has missed me. It looked me in the eye and asked “Where the H*ll have you been??!!” So, I’ve been spending a bit of time taking care of a few things and I will be back to “normal”, very soon.  I know – “normal” is, at best, relative, so, let’s say “normal for me”. Not to worry though, as I will still be just as weird as I’ve always been. Thanks to all of those who wondered where I was. It’s always good to know that you are missed. As soon as I get back, I’ll take a “blog walk” and get some comments posted to let you know that I am, indeed, back. See you soon. Peace.
Well, my friends, it’s time again for the Great Gas-Out.

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Hey, Dad?!  Guess what we did in school, today?  We put our hands on a piece of paper and took a pencil and drew all around our fingers and when we got finished our teacher showed us how to add some colors to it with our crayons and when we got finished it looked just like a turkey!
Then, Tommy Winslow had to go stand in the corner for two whole minutes ‘cause he was talking out of turn ‘cause he said that he knew what the answer was to the question that the teacher asked but we’re apposed to raise our hands before we say anything or else we will get in trouble like Tommy Winslow did.  And you know what, Dad?  He was right after all even though he forgot to raise his hand before he answered like we’re apposed to.  When we had recess I dropped one of my cookies on the floor and Tommy Winslow gave me one of his cookies and I didn’t even ask him for one he just gave it to me when he saw mine dropped on the floor.  It was a Oreo cookie with the extra crème but I heard somebody say that we shouldn’t be eating those kind of Oreo’s on account of them being way too sweet because it has all of that extra crème in the middle instead of the regular amount that they usually have.  And I have to get a princess outfit like the ones that we wear at Halloween time on account of our class is gonna have a play and the teacher picked me to be the fairy princess.  At first I was all like who wants to be a fairy princess and have to put on that stupid kinda dress like grown-up people wear and then everybody else was all like why did she get picked and not me but I don’t know why Mrs. Hartman picked me but I guess it might be ‘cause I always get the answers right when she asks us questions out loud but I’m talking about the nice Mrs. Hartman who is in charge of our class but not the mean Mrs. Hartman who tries to teach us English.  We have two teachers who have the same last name as each other.  How did that happen, Dad?  OOOH, Dad!!  Tommy Winslow had to go to the principle’s office this afternoon on  accounta he pulled my pony-tail after Mrs. Hartman told him to stop doing it three times!  He sits right behind me in our classroom and he always throws stuff at other people and stuff and Mrs. Hartman gets kinda angry at him because sometimes Tommy Winslow doesn’t behave like he’s apposed to behave.  Even mean Mrs. Hartman says that Tommy Winslow needs to behave a lot better than he does ‘cause when she comes to teach about English Tommy Winslow is always acting up.  He doesn’t act up that much with the nice Mrs. Hartman like he does with the mean Mrs. Hartman.  And, guess what, Dad?  We’re going on a trip to the Africa America History Mausoleum next week on accounta our class got all the answers right when they had the contest in Feberary for Black History Month and nobody else’s class even came close to getting as many answers right as we did so we get to go to the Africa America Mausoleum next week and I was all like WOW!!  Hey, Dad, it looks like the bus is gonna be a while getting’ here maybe because it’s Friday and everybody is excited ‘cause they don’t have to go to school or to work tomorrow so there’s probably a lotta people getting on the bus way down there and it’s taking a long time to get here.  Hey, Dad, I think I’m gonna sit in your lap until the bus gets here on accounta my eyes are feeling sleepy, now, and my legs are getting tired from standing up for so long waiting for the bus.  Dad?  Do you think Tommy Winslow is ever gonna learn to behave like Mrs. Hartman wants him to?

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